The Ultimate Tool
To Get Noticed.

Build a website that showcases your athletic
and academic resume to college coaches.

How It Works

 Answer a few questions, upload some files
and videos, and we automatically generate a
professional site just for you, containing
everything a coach would want to know about
you. No code to write. Just type and click.

 Your personal website contains: videos,
stats, bio, grades, test scores, upcoming
schedule, achievements, college interests,
coach’s feedback, work experience, contact info,
social media, and more.

 Once your website is live, you can share the
link with college coaches, scouts and recruiters.

 College recruiters can search for players in
the Athlete Insite system, and with your
permission, they can contact you.

 Websites are available for all college
sports and more.

Site Features

 Vital statistics including position, number, handedness,
age, height, weight, grad year, and hometown. We also
include a percentile calculation so coaches can see where
you fit compared to your peers.

 Your best video is displayed big on the middle of your
page and you can upload up to 6 additional videos or photos
to showcase your talents.

 The left side of your page is focused on your specific
sport. The right side of your page is focused on your personal
side and your academics.
 The left side of your page includes the team(s) you play
on, your sports stats, video links, achievements, and feedback
from your coaches.
 The right side of your page contains your bio, GPA, test
scores, college interests, work experience, + family info.
 The bottom of your page contains your upcoming game
schedule, contact info, and social media links.
 Share your site with college coaches/recruiters by sending
them a fully interactive website link.

About Us

Like yourself, I am also a student athlete in high school pursuing a
college sports journey. I am 18 years old and have always had the
dream of playing baseball in college and beyond. But this dream
can be difficult to achieve due to the vast amount of competition
there is. Only about 1 in 14 high school athletes play in college.

I am a good student who plays my game competitively. But when it
comes to promoting myself to college coaches, it can be tough.
Recruiting events can be too expensive and college coaches
are a rare sight at high school games. With these struggles, I came
up with an idea- creating a website that contains everything a
recruiter would want to know about me, all in one place.

This is how Athlete Insite was born. I thought, “If I can do this for
myself, why not create a platform to help other athletes achieve
their goals?” The system I created builds you your very own student
athlete website. Simply answer a few questions and upload some
videos and files, and our platform automatically creates a
comprehensive website for you in which you are the star!


We offer two simple, affordable plans to
choose from. You can upgrade at any time
and you can cancel whenever you wish.
No contracts to sign.

Athlete Insite believes cost should never
be a reason for an athlete to not have a
chance at realizing their dreams. If you are
unable to afford our service, please
contact us and we may be able to help.


Includes your personalized
website, hosting and
communications tracking


per month
No committment. No contract.
Cancel any time.


Includes your personalized
website, hosting and
communications tracking
Normally $59.88. Now Just
per year
Save $9.98!
No committment. No contract.
Cancel any time.